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Caldecott Activity Book


This Caldecott Activity Book is intended to be used while reading Kitten’s First Full Moon, by Kevin Henkes. 

This delightful story is enhanced with targeted questions and activities related to the story.  The questions section asks probing questions about specific details within the story, as well as thought-provoking questions related to the story.  It allows children an opportunity to formulate and verbalize their thoughts allowing them to actively participate in the learning process.  The activities section reinforces what they’ve discussed and learned in the questions section.  They have an opportunity to engage in art, writing, science, and math activities.  The story can be read many times throughout the year, allowing children, teachers, and parents an opportunity to focus on various skills.  This Caldecott Activity Book develops critical-thinking skills, vocabulary, comprehension, and social interaction.

Why is this book the choice for you and your child?

Learning is a Joint Venture

This Caldecott Activity Book allows you to engage with your child.  It has a variety of probing questions that will allow children an occasion to formulate and verbalize their thinking and increase their vocabulary.  It will give them many opportunities to engage in art activities, using various mediums. It offers a variety of writing prompts, which will develop children’s writing skills. Research options are available, expanding their understanding of science, nature, and the world around them. Finally, math concepts are introduced and reinforced, allowing children to practice the skills they are learning in class.

As a parent, you wouldn’t think twice about buying good, nutritious food for your child’s body. Educational material should fall into the same category as nutrition.  It’s great for their mental development, and you get to be an active participant in your child’s education.  I hope you have an enjoyable experience working with your child.

“The book has a much wider and more detailed range of activities than I expected when I selected it to review.  The author has created multiple activities in different categories to go with each page of the original book.  This works well for the adult coordinating the activities because they can choose one or two that work best for them from the many choices provided to accompany each page.”

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